We will talk about the most loved smurf characters. During season 1 of the television series there are exactly 100 smurfs, but a lot less smurf characters that actually are part of the story. If you want to know more about the origin of the smurfs click here:

The origin of the smurfs

And if you want to know more about what the smurfs really are click here:

The meaning of “Smurf”

And lets start with one of our favorite smurf characters:

Papa smurf

Papa smurf is only 542 years of age, which isn’t considered old or young. He therefore must be of middle age according to what the smurfs say about him. He is the wisest smurf and always seems to have a spell, antidote or even a special type of warfare to safe his smurfs from Gargamel or other evil vilains. Papa smurf has plenty of books in his home, as well as a lab and many special herbs to work with. He also seems to have a lot of friends, who need his help.

Papa smurf may be the wisest of the smurfs, but that doesn’t make him perfect. Sometimes he is a bit angry or he makes a mistake, for instance when he blows up his laboratory. Besides that he does get captured some of the time. Part of that, is because he is doing things alone like going on a trip and trying to find herbs. He also regurlarly asks tracker smurf to help him look for herbs that are hard to find in the mountains.

papa smurf is usually the boss and when he is away brainy smurf seems to take over, even though he is a lot less competent then papa smurf.


Smurfette is a beautiful smurf with blond hair and she wairs a beautiful white dress. She is sensitive and loving towards all smurfs even though sometimes she also gets a bit angry.

Smurfette was actually changed into a smurf by Papa smurf. Before she was a smurf, Smurfette was a grey looking evil creation of Gargamel, who tried to use Smurfette against the smurfs. Later on she was accepted into the smurf village as a new member of the smurfs.

Smurfette always kept having nightmares about Gargamel. Besides that, she always feels a bit insecure about wether she will be accepted by everyone as a real smurf or not.

Brainy smurf

Brainy smurf is also known as the smurf with the glasses, depending on which language it was translated into. He considers himself to be a natural born leader and the smartest of the smurf village, especially when Papa smurf is away.

Brainy smurf can get a bit clumsy sometimes when his glasses aren’t on, or when he is thinking something is easy to do. He is also a bit lazy, because he always gives others orders, as if he is Papa smurf, who is usually giving the orders.

In one episode of the smurfs Brainy actually crowns himself the “King smurf”. He does that by persuading multiple smurfs for his cause giving them all types of titles. He makes hefty his general of warfare for instance. When Papa smurf gets back the village is almost getting destroyed because of the leaking dam that was supposed to be made. It almost went wrong because of Brainy.

Jokey smurf

Jokey smurf blows up things with his gifts. Most of the times he promises a big surprise and sometimes he promises to get a big bang out of it. He also does some magic tricks or other types of jokes. He is laughing most of the time, but sometimes he believes something is not funny. For instance when he get’s blown up himself. Jokey smurf uses a book with magic tricks from melchior the magnificent. A magician who he desperately tries to visit, but Papa smurf won’t let him even if he tries to smuggle himself with a gift.

Clumsy smurf

Clumsy smurf is clumsy to the point that he could destroy entire buildings and machines without ever noticing it. At the same time he is a really good fellow who really tries hard. He isn’t lazy, which some would prefer over his destructive tendencies.

Lazy smurf

Lazy smurf sleeps a lot and is also called sleepy some of the time. But it is hard to know if there are actually two smurfs, one who is called lazy and one who is just sleepy. How do we get to know the difference? The fact is that lazy gets screamed at a lot by for instance Papa smurf, Hefty smurf to name a few.

Dreamy smurf

Dreamy smurf dreams of things that are new and an adventure. He beliefs in things from outer smurf. He also dreams to see something of the world, but his trip of the world did’t go as planned.

Hefty smurf

Hefty smurf is the strongest smurf who is into bodybuilding. The ironic part is that he looks the same as all other smurfs. Het doesn’t seem that much different, yet he truely is the strongest. He is using huge weights to train himself, but at the same time we never know if those are actually that heavy.

Vanity smurf

Vanity smurf is a little bit of a narcisist watching himself in the mirror all day long. He also loves his portraits and he believes that he can make others happy with them as well. He is also known for wairing a flower on his hat, because that makes him even more smurfy.

Greedy smurf

Greedy smurf usually is cooking and eating at the same time. He also likes to eat while doing other activities, for instance while sawing a tree together with lazy smurf. Unfortunatly he gets a bit to heavy and he needs to lose some weight.

Grouchy smurf

Grouchy smurf really tried to be happy, but he is happier when he is allowed to hate everything, including being happy. So yes, Grouchy smurf hates being happy and therefore he is happy. He hates almost everything in every single situation, but above all else he hates Gargamel and Azraël the most.

Handy smurf

Handy smurf is able to build all type of things. From farming machines, to weather machines, the dam and different types of bridges. He is usually one of the leading smurfs when it comes to high level engineering. He also draws new inventions while he is at home. He also often works through the night to get things done before dawn.

Farmer smurf

Farmer smurf is always taking care of his crops, so that other smurfs can eat to live another day. He has a beautiful accent, but others may not agree on that. He is usually seen carrying water to his crops. If everything goes right, nobody sees him inside the village, because he is to busy working on his farm.

Evil smurf characters

Gargamel and Azraël are the two most important vilains in the smurfs, but there are many others. For instance, humans, Hogatha the witch, other witches and even some other creatures.


Gargamel is the evil vilain of the smurfs. He wants to get the smurfs even if it is the last thing he will ever do. Gargamel lives inside a stone house with a big chimney and a large tower. He knows how to create spells or potions and sometimes he explodes his laboratory and his cat in the proces.

Gargamel is very creative and tries all types of things. His most creative creation ended up becoming a female smurf, her name is Smurfette. She was changed into a smurf by Papa smurf and she was changed from evil to good in the proces.

His mother is not very nice to him, probably even to the point of being abusive. Maybe that is why Gargamel isn’t very nice and he simply doesn’t know any better. When it comes to his cat Azraël he is usually abusive but he also tries to protect him.

Gargamel sometimes becomes really nice. For instance if he needs something of the smurfs, like diamonds. He also gets to be very friendly because some of Papa smurf’s spells and potions. Apart from those special ocassions Gargamel is not to be trusted.

Azraël. Gargamel’s cat

Azraël is Gargamel’s cat in the smurfs. He is usually getting abused by Gargamel, but at the same time he is being protected and fed. Sometimes Azraël helps the smurfs because of his clumsyness. Most of the times he tries to eat them, but he doesn’t succeed in them because Gargamel usually grabs them first.

At a certain moment Azraël gets enlarged by a spell and at that moment he attacks Gargamel until they are far away from the village.


Hogatha is an evil witch who isn’t seen very often, but when she is in an episode the danger is real for the smurfs. She even infiltrates the smurf village and becomes known as a real smurf character: snorty smurf. Because she is snorting instead of smurfing.


Lord Balthazar

Lord Balthazar is Gargamel’s cruel father, who lives in a large and well protected castle. He sometimes uses a raven to do his bidding.

Gargamel’s mother

While Gargamel’s father is called Lord Balthazar his mother is just called: “mother”. She is quite abusive towards Gargamel and the poor guy just doesn’t know any better then to become an evil vilain who wants to kill and eat innocent smurfs.



Bigmouth is one of the funny friendly characters from the smurfs, who doesn’t do anybody harm. He does actually eat so much that you may have a food shortage after his visit though. In one episode he eats everything Gargamel has until he gets pink glasses on his face and sees Gargamel as a tasty meal.


Bachus seems to have a nice paradise but he actually turns out to be an evil vilain until lazy smurf wakes up from his dream.

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