In this article you will learn everything about one of the world’s best comics series ever written, The Smurfs! Did you know that the series started as a spin-off from another comics series named Johan and Peewit? And did you know that the 38th album was released this year (2019)? We happily keep you updated about all the Smurf Comics. Which Smurfs Comic is your favorite?



The Smurfs are created by the Belgium Cartoonist Pierre Culliford, better known by his Pen name Peyo. The Smurfs were first introduced in 1958 in another comics series made by Peyo called Johan and Peewit. Our little blue friends made their appearance in “La Flûte à six schtroumpfs” which literally means “The Flute and the six Smurfs“. This was translated into the English title “The Smurfs and the Magic Flute“.

In 1959 The Smurfs became an independent comic book series. Their first adventure was given as an attachment to a French weekly comics magazine (Spirou).

When Peyo died in 1992, his widow, colorist Nina and his son Thierry Culliford continued to develop new Smurfs Comics.

The original series, created by Peyo, consisted of 16 albums. Peyo was about to finish his 17th album called ” The Finance Smurf”, when he died on december 24th in 1992.


A list of all the Smurfs Comics Books

All the Smurfs comics books with their year of release are listed below. Note that the year of publication refers to the year when the original French edition was issued.

No.Original TitleEnglish TitleYear of Publication
1. Les Schtroumpfs noirsThe Black Smurfs 1963
2. Le Schtroumpfissime The Smurf King1965
3. La Schtroumpfette The Smurfette 1967
4. L’Œuf et les Schtroumpfs The Egg and The Smurfs1968
5. Les Schtroumpfs et le Cracoucass The Smurfs and the Howlibird 1969
6. Le Cosmoschtroumpf The Astrosmurf 1970
7. L’Apprenti Schtroumpf The Smurf Apprentice 1971
8.Histoires de Schtroumpfs Stories of the Smurfs 1972
9. Schtroumpf Vert et Vert Schtroumpf Smurf Versus Smurf 1973
10. La Soupe aux Schtroumpfs The Smurf Soup 1976
11. Les Schtroumpfs Olympiques The Olympic Smurfs 1983
12. Le Bébé Schtroumpf The Baby Smurf 1984
13. Les P’tits Schtroumpfs The Smurflings 1988
14. L’Aéroschtroumpf The Aerosmurf 1990
15. L’Étrange Réveil du Schtroumpf paresseux The Strange Awakening of Lazy Smurf 1991
17. Le Schtroumpf Financie The Finance Smurf 1992
18. Le Schtroumpfeur de bijoux The Jewel Smurfer1994
19. Docteur Schtroumpf Doctor Smurf 1996
20. Le Schtroumpf sauvage, The Wild Smurf 1998
21. La Menace schtroumpf Attack of the Grey Smurfs 2000
22. On ne schtroumpfe pas le progrès You Don’t Smurf Progress 2002
23. Le Schtroumpf reporter The Reporter Smurf 2003
24. Les Schtroumpfs joueurs The Gambler Smurfs 2005
25. Salade de Schtroumpfs Salad Smurfs 2006
26. Un enfant chez les Schtroumpfs A Child among the Smurfs 2008
27. Les Schtroumpfs et le Livre qui dit tout The Smurfs and the Book that Tells Everything 2008
28. Schtroumpf les Bains Smurfs in Paradise 2009
29. La Grande Schtroumpfette The Grand Smurfette 2010
30. Les Schtroumpfs et l’Arbre d’or The Smurfs and the Golden Tree 2011
31. Les Schtroumpfs de l’ordre The Law and Order of The Smurfs 2012
32. Les Schtroumpfs à Pilulit Chicken-Fried Smurfs 2013
33. Les Schtroumpfs et l’Amour Sorcier The Smurfs and the Sorcerer’s Love 2014
34.Schtroumpf le héros Smurf Heroes 2015
35. Les Schtroumpfs et le demi-génie The Smurfs and the Half-Genie 2016
36. Les Schtroumpfs et les haricots mauves The Smurfs and the Purple Beans 2017
37. Les Schtroumpfs et le dragon du lac The Smurfs and the Dragon of the Lake 2018
38. Les Schtroumpfs et la machine à rêver The Smurfs and the Dream Machine 2019

The Smurfs Comics Books Description per Album


The Black Smurfs – Comic Book – 1963 (first Smurfs comic album)

The Black Smurfs is the first comic album ever created about Peyo’s Smurfs. The album bundles three previous released Smurf stories that were published in Spirou magazine. The Black Smurfs, The Flying Smurf and The Smurfnapper.

The Black Smurfs

One of the Smurfs gets bitten and infected by a black fly. This Smurf turns black. He starts biting other Smurfs in the tail, which turns them into black Smurfs as well. Almost all Smurfs turn into black Smurfs. Papa Smurf tries to make a cure, but he is to late. Papa Smurf gets bitten by a black smurf and turns black himself. But while being bitten he drops the cure into a fire by accident. The cure then explodes. The damps spread over the whole Smurf village, turning every smurf back in their normale blue state again.

The Flying Smurf

A story about one of the Smurfs that desperatly tries to fly. He tries everything like eating lots of yeast, constructing hot-air balloons and sticking feathers to his arms.

The Smurfnapper

Wizard Gargamel wants to create the Philosopher’s Stone. In a spellbook he reads that one of the ingredients is a Smurf. Gargamel succeeds in capturing a Smurf and puts him in a cage. The other Smurfs let by Papa Smurf, try to free the captured Smurf from the cage.


The Smurf King – Comic Book – 1965 (2nd Smurfs Comic Album)

The Smurf King Comic Album consisted of the main story “The Smurf King” and another story called “Smurphony in C“.

The Smurf King

When Papa Smurf leaves the Smurf village to collect Euphorbia, the Smurfs are left without a leader. The Smurfs start to compete eachother to become the new Smurf leader. An unnamed Smurf outsmarts everybody else, including Brainy Smurf. In a vote about who should become the new Smurf leader, the unnamed Smurf wins hands-down. He then crowns himself king. The Smurf King comes up with new rules. He orders the Smurfs to build a palace. The Smurfs that do not obey to his orders get imprisoned. Soon a group of Smurfs start a rebellion. The rebels first hide in the forest, but as soon as enough Smurfs joined there group they start a full attack on the Smurfs King and his forces. During the battle, Papa Smurfs returns and is surprised about what is going in the village. The appearance alone of Papa Smurf is enough to stop the fight. Papa Smurf is angry and blames King Smurf the most. Regretful of his actions, King Smurf anounces his abdiction and offers to repair all damage that the village had suffered. The other Smurfs feel sorry for him and offer there help. Despite everything that happened, the Smurfs still like the Ex-king after all. Touched by this, Papa Smurf forgives them all.

Smurphony in C

One of the Smurfs plays so badly in an orchestra that he is rejected. A fairy appears to the Smurf and gives him a magical instrument called a “Turlusiphon“. The Turlusiphon is supposed to always play well. When the Smurf arrives back in the village, he happily plays his magical Turlusiphon. The music sounds great, but as a side effect, everybody falls asleep except for himself. It then turns out that the fairy was not a real fairy, but Gargamel in disguise. The Smurf goes to Gargamel’s place to find a cure for the sleeping Smurfs. But unfortunately Gargamel’s spell book tells that there is no cure for this spell. Disappointed the Smurf returns to the village. Back home he decides to play his old Trumpet once more. It sounds so awfull that a miracle happens… All Smurfs awake and the spell is broken. As a tribute, the now called “Harmony Smurf”, is now allowed to play in the Smurf orchestra once again.


The Smurfette – Comic Book – 1967 (3th Smurfs Comic Album)

The 3th album consists of the main story ” The Smurfette” and another little Smurf story called “The hunger of the Smurfs“.

The Smurfette

Gargamel wants to take revenge against the Smurfs. He comes up with a plan and creates a Smurf Girl called Smurfette. Initially she was not as beautiful as Gargamel intended her to be. When she was created her looks were more manly. She had wild black hair, a big nose and surly eyes. Only the white dress reveales that she’s a lady. Also her character is not as intended. She’s bossy and manly in her behaviour.

When some Smurfs start to bully her about her appearance, she gets depressed. Papa Smurf decides to help Smurfette and operates plastic Smurfery on her. With succes! She becomes much more girly both in looks and behaviour.

When the other Smurfs get to see her new look, they instantly fall in love with her. The Smurfs start competing with eachother for Smurfette’s attention. They even color the Smurf dam pink. They would do everything to please and impress her. Even violence is no longer unthinkable. It becomes chaos it the normally peaceful Smurf village.

Smurfette orders Poet Smurf to open her pink dam, just so she can see the water splashing trough. But the dam wouldn’t close after and so the Smurf village is flooded. When papa smurf hears that Smurfette is responsible for the flooding, he orders her arrested.

Instead of being imprisoned, she’s put on a trial. Without succes though. Most Smurfs still try to please her and they try to prove that she’s unguilty. Eventually Smurfette is acquitted. But Smurfette decides to leave the village indefenitely. She leaves a message saying that she will return one day.

All Smurfs are sad that she left and they decide to take revenge on Gargamel. They create a fat ugly human woman and send her to Gargamel’s home. There she’s bottering him for shelter until he gives up and flees.

The Hunger of the Smurfs

When in the middle of the winter the food storage is destroyed due to a fire, the Smurfs have to abandon their village in search of new food. Days pass before they find a Castle. The castle is inhabited by a single Human. It appears that he lost all his fortune. Then the Smurfs unexpectadly find an old secret room full of jewels. The Smurfs share there findings with the lord of the castle. His money problem is solved. In return he buys food for the Smurfs. The Smurfs can then return back to their village.


The Egg and the Smurfs – Comic Book – 1968 (4th Smurfs Comic Album)

The Egg and the Smurfs is an interesting album and contains three Smurf stories. The Egg and the Smurfs, The Fake Smurf and The Hundredth Smurf.

The Egg and the Smurfs

The Smurfs decide to make a special cake for Smurfs Day, an annual Smurf event. Enthausiastically they start gathering all the ingredients required for the cake. But it appears that they lack one of the main ingredients for the Smurf Day cake, an egg. Papa Smurf sends two smurfs to get an egg at a nearby farm. They do find an egg, but they both struggle to bring it home. After all the hassle to bring the egg in the Smurf Village, it appears that they brought a fake one. The egg is made of wood.

The Smurfs are send back to find a real egg. Eventually they find one in te forrest. They happily bring it back to their Smurf village and start to try opening the egg. But they fail. Even with a hammer they are not able to open the egg. Out of frustration one of the Smurfs express the wish that he would turn into a hot-dog if he cannot open the egg. When he strikes the egg, he is actually turned into a hot-dog. The Smurfs realise it might be a magical Egg that grands them wishes when touched.

The Smurfs then turn out to be very egoistic creatures. They wish themselves all kinds of presents, like an unlimited amount of cakes, an elephant or lots of money. The Smurfs become so enthausiastic that they all want to touch the Egg as first. They even start a little fight about. They then wish eachother all kinds of nasty things. One Smurf gets a big nose, another one a long tail and another one becomes green skinnend.

One of the Smurf comes up with a funny idea. He wishes Papa Smurf to become a young and ordinary Smurf. Then a couple of other Smurf wish themselves to become the real Papa Smurf. To restore order, papa Smurf tries to get back to the egg and then wishes that everything returns back to normal. Before the Smurfs can renew their wishes, the egg breaks open and a chick is born.

The Smurfs hope that the chick one day will lay a new magic egg. In order to prevent an escape before it lays a magic egg, they enclose the chick. Later it turns out that the chick becomes a rooster, and is not able to lay eggs.


The Smurfs and the Howlibird – Comic Book – 1969 (5th Smurfs Comic Album)

The two stories of this album are “The Smurfs and the Howlibird” (main story) and “The Smurf not like the others“.

The Smurfs and the Howlibird

One of Papa Smurf’s experiments to create a new fertalizer becomes a disaster and creates a monster that eats Smurfs. Papa tried to make a new fertilizer, but when he used it to grow a beautifull flower, it turned into a Smurf eating plant. To prevent the plant eating the Smurfs, they throw it into a lonely place. Unfortunately it gets eaten by a bird. The bird then turns into a Smurf eating monster. The Smurfs call it the Howlibird. The bird destroys the whole Smurf village. The Smurfs try to defend themselves in an old defence tower. In the tower there is an old and broken crossbow. Handy Smurf offerst to repair the bow. In the meantime Papa Smurf goes to his lab to get an explosive. The explosive is loaded in the crosswbow and shot at the Howlibird. Due to the impact of the explosion, the bird loses his feathers and drops on the ground. In a short ground battle, Papa Smurf show’s his best fighting skills. The bird is eventually beaten after casting a spell which shrinks the bird. The bird flees and the Smurfs can start to repair their village. But the Howlibird returns and tries to take revenge. Luckily for the Smurfs the (now very little) bird is no danger anymore due to its current size.

The Smurf not like the others

One of the Smurfs becomes bored of his life in the Smurf village and decides to go on an adventure. Before he leaves he gets a serum from Papa Smurf that would bring him back to the Smurf village in case he gets in trouble. And in trouble he gets. While on his adventure he get caught by none other then Gargamel. The evil wizard captures the traveling Surf and uses its Serum. Gargamel then arrives in the Smurf village and tries to capture all the Smurfs. In order to prevent this, Papa Smurf gives Gargamel a serum that turns him in a very nice and friendly guy. Unfortunately the effect of the serum is temporary but the Smurfs have just enough time to free the captured traveler in Gargamels house and bring him back to their village. In the meantime the serum that Gargamel got from Papa Smurf wears off. The wizard then captures all the Smurfs. But luckily one of the Smurfs found the serum that the adventurous Smurf had brought on his journey. The Smurfs hang one to another when Papa Smurf drinks the Serum. All Smurfs are teleported back to the Smurf village. The adventurous Smurf decides to stay in the safe village for good.


The Astro Smurf – Comic Book – 1970 (6th Smurfs Comics Album

The Astro Smurf is the 6th Smurfs Comics album and included two Smurf stories. The Astro Smurf is the maintitle and the weather Smurf is the second storie.

The Astro Smurf

One of the Smurfs is obsessed with space and tries to build his own space ship. Unfortunately he’s not very succesful in his attempts to build the ship. After many failed attempts he becomes depressed. The other Smurfs want to help him. Together they make a plan to cure the “Astro” Smurf from his depression. They tell him that Handy Smurf repaired the rocket and that he should board it to become the first Smurf that traveled to space. Before Astro boards the rocket, the Smurfs ask him to toast to the voyage. Astro’s drink turns out to be a special elixer which makes him fall asleep. While he’s sleeping, the Smurf go to a volcano. When they arrive they dress up like aliens. Then Astro awakes, and he believes he landed on another planet.

The Weather Smurf

Handy builds a weather machine which can control the weather. The Smurfs use it to make a sunny day fo a picknick. Two Smurfs stay behind in the village. Farmer Smurf stays, becaushe’s upset that his crops dry due to a lack of rain and poet Smurf stays because he wants to compose an ode to the sun. They both start a fight about if it should rain or not. While they keep changing the settings of the machine, the machine breaks and runs havoc. Snow storms, rains, heavy winds follow quickly after eachother. The Smurfs who went out picknicking then return to the village. Eventually they try to destroy the weather so everything returns back to normal.


The Smurf Apprentice – Comic Book – 1971 (7th Smurfs Comics Album)

A Smurf comic album consisting of three Smurf stories, The Smurf Apprentice, Smurftraps and Romeo and Smurfette.

The Smurf Apprentice

One of the Smurfs wants to become a magician. He tries to create magical potions with alchemy, but every attempt to make a working potion fails. He then tries to steal Papa Smurfs spell book, but without succes. Frustrated as he is, he comes up with a plan to steal Gargamel’s magical book. Eventually he manages to steal one page of Gargamel’s spell book. Before he tries the potions recipe himself, he wants to know what the spell exactly does. He offers several Smurfs to drink his potion, but nobody bites. He then decides to drink the potion himself anyways. The Smurf turns into a dragon-like lizard. His new look is freightening to the other Smurfs. Then Papa Smurf tries to make an anti-potion, without succes. The Smurfs then hope to find a recipe to undo the spell at Gargamel’s lair. The Smurf that was turned into the lizard is captured by Gargamel, but the other Smurf find a way to free him. The Smurfs find the anti-spell and escape from Gargamel. When the lizard smurf drinks the potion he turnes back in his normal blue self.


Gargamel builds traps to capture Smurfs. Several Smurfs get captured by Gargamel’s lists. Greedy Smurf is caught by a sticky cake, brainy finds himself trapped by book, and grouchy follows a series of directions which eventually lead him to a hole. One of the Smurfs finds out about the traps and warns the other Smurfs in the village. The Smurfs then gather and go to Gargamel’s place. While they try to free the captured Smurfs, they get captured themselfs, except for Papa Smurf. Then Gargamel uses the captured Smurfs as a workforce. Papa Smurf returns at night. He leaves a trace of gold from Gargamel’s bed to a chest full of gold which serves as a trap. When Gargamel awakes, he follows the gold to the chest and gets trapped himself by Papa Smurf. Papa Smurf then frees all other Smurfs.

Romeo and Smurfette

Romeo and Smurfette is a collection of mini Cartoons that show the love of all Smurfs for Smurfette.

Stories of the Smurfs – Comic Book – 1972 (8th Smurfs Comics Album)

An anthology of one-page humorous stories.

Smurf Versus Smurf – Comic Book – 1973 (9th Smurfs Comics Album)

As you know, the Smurfs have their own language. Now it appears that there are actually two dialects. The Smurfs from the northern part of the Smurf village use the word Smurf as a noun. The Smurfs from the southern part use it as a verb or adjective.

The Smurfs eventually start a fight over what is the correct way of using the word Smurf when one of the Smurfs asks another to hand him an opener. The first Smurf is talking about a “Smurf opener”. The other one corrects the first and says it should be called a “bottle Smurfer”.

In the meantime more Smurfs join the conversation. The southern Smurfs insist that it should be called a “Bottle Smurfer”, while the Northern ones keep their opinion about that it should be called a “Smurf opener” as wel.

Another day the fight gets worse during a theatre performance and Papa Smurf needs to intervene. Eventually the Smurfs stop fighting for a minute, but then the fight starts again after they disagree about if it should be “Smurf hands” or “Shake Smurfs”.

Next day the Smurfs play a ball game together. During the game the tension between the Northern and Southern Smurfs gets worse. The game ends in another fight about the use of the word “Smurf”.

The Smurfs then devide their town in two. They paint a white line in the exact middle of the village, which indicates the border. On each side they agree that one should speak the right Smurf language. Unfortunately one of the Smurfs home was build in the exact middle of the town. The line is drawn through the home of the Smurf. The Smurf who lived in the house is now obligated to use the correct word of Smurf whenever he crosses the line in his own house. This leads to the Smurf cooking his “Boiled Smurf” on one side and a “Smurfed egg” on the other. He visits Gargamel and casts a spell that changes both appearances. Gargamel is turned into Papa Smurf and Papa Smurf becomes Gargamel. Azrael, Gragamel’s cat, attacks when he sees Papa Smurf (Gargamel). When the cat hears Gargamel’s voice coming from Papa’s appearance, he is confused and goes his own way.

Gargamel (Papa) and Papa (Gargamel) then go together to the Smurf village,When the Smurfs see the appearance of Gargamel (Papa) they stop fighting. Gargamel (papa) let’s himself being tied. Once tied up he tries to tell the Smurf the true story about that he turned himself into Gargamel to reunite the Smurfs. Unfortunately the Smurfs don’t believe the story. In the meantime Papa (Gargamel) went into Papa’s house and found all Papa Smurf’s spell books. He then uses one of the spells to turn himsel back into the real Gargamel and Papa back into Papa. After Gargamel gets rid of his ties, he captures all Smurfs and goes back to his home. On his way home he meets Azrael in the forest. The cats still thinks that Gargamel is Papa Smurf and he attacks him. In the fight the Smurfs find a way to escape. As always Gargamel can’t find the way back to the Smurf village and returns home with empty hands.

When the Smurfs are back in their village, the fight about the use of the word “Smurf” continues. Papa smurf then forbids the use of any variation of the word “Smurf”. A “Smurf opener” or “bottle Smurfer” should know be called “an object to unscrew bottles”.

The Smurf Soup – Comic Book – 1976 (10th Smurfs Comic Album)

Three Smurfs spot a Giant who wanders to Gargamel’s house. When he meets Gargamel, the giant introduces himself as Bigmouth. It appears that he is very hungry. Gargamel is afraid of the Giant and decides to make soup for Bigmouth. Unfortunately for him, the Giant is still hugry after finishing his soup. The giant goes after Gargamel’s cat but Gargamel is able to stop him. He then watches the giant eating everything he can get, even candles! The Smurfs were secretely watching this show and now decide to warn Papa Smurf.

In the meantime Bigmouth and gargamel try to find the Smuf village. When the giant spotes one of the three Smurfs that were watching, he follows him to the village. The three Smurfs arrive back in the village just on time to prevent that the Giant would eat them all.

Papa Smurf orders all Smurfs to distract the giant for now. The next day he comes up with a plan. He asks 4 Smurfs to cream themselves with a cream that prevents burnings. Outside a hot magical soup is made in which the 4 creamed Smurfs Jump. Because of the protection cream they don’t burn. Papa Smurf tells Bigmouth that the soup is not hot enough to cook the Smurfs. He asks Bigmouth to gather more would for the fire. When Bigmouth is away, the Smurfs climb out of the soup and are replaced with fake suites that look like the Surfs are dissolved.

When the giant returns he thinks that the Smurfs are really cooked through. He then drinks the soup which turns him into a blue montster. Papa Smurf then makes Bigmouth think that Gargamel knew all the way long that he would turn into a bleu monster after drinking the Smurf soup. Then gargamel arrives at the village and starts catching Smurfs. But Bigmouth became so angry with Gargamel that he decides to go after him instead of the Smurfs. Gargamel has no other choice then to drop the Smurfs and run for his life. But Bigmouth catches him anyways and imprisons him at his own lab.

Gargamel tries to convince the Giant to calm then and release him. But without succes. The giant becomes even more angry and destroys most of the wizzards lab. Eventually Gargamel begs Papa Smurf to help him. Papa then decides to show mercy. He feeds the Giant a little Sarsaparilla Leaf which turns the Giant back into his own self.

When the Smurfs return to their village, they are chased by Gargamel’s cat Azrael. Then one of the Smurfs jokes that Bigmouth will eat the cat. Azrael becomes so afraid that he runs away.


Other Smurf Comics

Besides the original series, there are mutiple other mini series and albums made about the Smurfs. There are two albums made around the setting of the last Smurf movie (2019), The Smurfs: The Lost Village. Marvel Comics released a three issue mini series. This series included an American style mini series about the Smurfs and two full length stories. Besides, Marvel published another 7 full length stories in a large format comic book and 6 mini comic books. A british children’s magazine (Look-In) run a 1 page mini series about the Smurfs in the ’70s and ’80s. Furthermore, Papercutz Graphic Novels issued the Original the Smurfs Comics translated by Joe Johnson. Besides Papercutz released a series of special Smurf stories like “Christmas” Smurfs and “Smurf Monsters”.


Belgium Comic Strip Centre in Brussels

The Belgium Comic Strip Centre in Brussels has a permanent exhibation about the pioneers of Belgian Comics, including Peyo. There is a special room dedicated to Peyo’s work where original scatches and book-pages can bee seen from the Smurfs Comics.

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