Smurf yourself or somebody else a Smurf present! Here are 11 Smurf items that we think can be a great gift! From DVD’s to coloring pages and from t-shirts to Smurf games. Which present are you going to Smurf today?

1. The Smurfs: The Lost Village Blue Ray DVD

The Smurfs: The Lost Village Blu-Ray / DVD

The Smurfs’  newest and most popular movie is now available on dvd or blu-ray disc. In The Smurfs: The Lost village, Smurfette goes looking for her unique talent. While smurfboarding with her fellow Smurf friends, she stumbles upon a Smurf-like creature which brings them into the forbidden forrest… 


2. The Smurfs Memory Game

The Smurfs Memory Game

What’s better then to combine your (childs) favorite game with your (childs) favorite comics? With the Smurfs Memory Card Game, lot’s of fun play times for the whole family is guaranteed! Match all 24 Smurf Characters like Papa Smurfs, Jokey and Smurfette. The game even includes charachters of the newest movies. Besides fun, the game also tests your memory. It’s a game that can bring generations together.


3. The Smurfs House – Collectors Item – Get a Smurf!

The Smurfs House Collectors Item with Papa Smurf, Gargamel and Azrael

This Smurfs house is a real collectors item for our biggest Smurfs fans. The Smurf house comes with 3 figures, Papa Smurf, Gargamel and Azrael. Get an original Smurf house today :)!


4. Smurfs Girls’ Big Graphic Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

Smurfs Girls’ Big Graphic Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

Nothing is cuter then to see our own little Smurfs in this full colored Smurf short sleeve t-shirt. Available in all seizes and made of 60% cotton and 40% polyester and easy washable in a machine.


5. The Smurfs: The Lost Village Figure Toys / Cake Toppers – Get a Smurf

The Smurfs: The Lost Village Figure Toys / Cake Toppers

An absolute MUST-HAVE for every Smurfs fan. This set of 12 cute Smurf figures could be the perfect gift or caketopper of favor on every Smurf party! The figures are 1 to 2 inches tall and made of hard and durable plastic. They could be a great christmas present, birthday present or Valentines gift. One can also use them as decoration in a display cabinet or to extend or complete a smurf collection.


6. The Smurfs Dance Party Game for the Nintendo WII

The Smurfs Dance Party for the Nintendo WII

Get ready to party!!! Dance together with friends and the Smurfs on popular soundtracks from Selena Gomez, Katy Perry and Aly & AJ. All your favorite Smurfs are included, Smurfette, Jokey, Clumsy and Papa Smurf. Perform easy to follow dance moves. The moves are choreographed by real experts from various styles of music. Party with 4 other friends together with the Smurfs in mutiplayer mode.


7. Smurfette Pluch Toy Backpack Clip

Smurfette Stuffed Pluch Toy

Smurfette might be the cutest Smurf. This little pluch backpack clip will make you smile. The pluch toy is made from soft and high quality polyester materials and is washable. A plastic ring makes it easy to attach her to a backpack. She makes a great gift for kids, teens or any other who loves the Smurfs and stuffed animals!


8. The Smurfs Coloring Book

The Smurfs Coloring Book

A great present for all kids that love the Smurfs and love coloring! All their favorite Smurf characters are waiting inside the Smurfs coloring book. The illustrations are single sided and printed on seperate sheets.


9. The Smurfs 2 Nintendo WII Game

The Smurfs 2 Nintendo WII game

The Smurfs 2 Nintendo WII computer game is a fun game to play with your friends. Play together with up to 4 players. Choose your favorite Smurf to play with like papa smurf of brainy. Each Smurf has its own special abilities. Papa Smurf can freeze enemies and vanity is able to create platforms to reach new heights! Explore the worlds of the Smurfs, like the enchanted forrest, Spooky woods and walk over the streets of New york, just like in the movies.

10. The Smurfs seasons 1 to 5 complete DVD set

The Smurfs seasons 1 to 5 complete DVD set

It was the Smurfs series that was broadcasted troughout the 80’s and 90’s which made the Smurfs popular. The seasons 1 to 5 are now collected in one ultimate DVD collectors box! A great present for yourself or anybody who loves the Smurfs! *note that this version might nog play on all US DVD players.


11. The Smurfs 500 pieces puzzle

The Smurfs 500 piece puzzle

The Smurfs puzzle is a fun and colorful puzzle for kids or anybody else who loves the Smurfs. The puzzle is challenging and suitable for kids that are 6 years or older. The puzzle is made out of 500 pieces.

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