Gargamel invented Smurfs Snot to increase Smurf Essence. Smurfs Snot became very popular among kids in primary school in the Smurfs country of origin Belgium. Kids loved to play with the snotty substance. It activates their senses. Actively using the senses is crucial for the brain development of young kids. But how can can you make this slimy stuff yourself and increase your Smurf Essence?

What is Smurfs Snot?

The Smurfs were once invented in Belgium. In the primary schools it was popular among the kids to make Smurfs Snot. Smurfs Snot is a soft substance made of a combination of ingredients which are put together in a little plastic bag and looks like the Snot of Smurfs.

A boy in primary school proudly shows his self made Smurfs Snot
A boy in primary school proudly shows his self made Smurfs Snot

How can I make Smurfs Snot?

It’s easy to make Smurfs Snot. There are actually many ways to make it. You can make it with shampoo or dish soap. A more safe way for kids make and play with Smurfs Snot is to make it from cornflour and Pigment. The only ingredients you need are:

  • Cornflour
  • Water
  • Pigment
  • A Bowl
  • A Cup

Take 1 cup of cornflour and a half cup of water. Mix it with your hands. This can be quite a challenge because it feels like you have to knead stone. If it is well kneaded, add some pigment. Blue would be the most obvious Smurf color, but of course you can use any color and give it a nice fantasy name. Put all kinds of colors in it and you have unicorn poop, make it green with glitter and you have frog snot.

Be careful not to put too many drops in it, because then you’ll have colored hands in the coming days. The funny thing is that you can knead a ball of it, but then it soon slips out of your hands. It’s quite a challenge and I am curious who will succeed in making a ball.

If you want really smooth, creamy Snot, use glue instead of water. You can also keep that for longer. The disadvantage of this is that it’s toxic. With small children who put everything in their mouths, I don’t think that’s recommended, but for older children I can imagine that it’s very nice.

Smurfs Snot
Brewing Smurfs Snot

How can one play with Smurfs Snot?

Kids love to play and fiddle with the soft substance. It’s a form of sensory play. Sensory play will help kids in their early childhood to use their senses and this is crucial for their brain development.

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