Spanish Smurf Town in Andalusia

The Andalusian Smurf town Juzcar has called itself the official Smurfs home since 2011. Sony managed to convince its inhabitants to color their originially white homes blue to promote the release of the Spanish version of The Smurfs 3D movie. The blue colour makes Juzcar look like a real Smurf Village.

The Smurfs Village
The Smurf town Juzcar

Sony choose Juzcar as their decor because of the many mushroom species that are found in the surroundings of te village. As you might know, Smurfs absolutely love Mushrooms and so the village of Juzcar became the obvious choice of the filmmakers.

"The Smurf Village" Juzcar, Andalusia, Spain
“The Smurf Village” Juzcar, Andalusia, Spain

Besides painting the homes blue, Sony had different Smurf statues constructed and several artists made some beautifull Smurf paintings on the walls.

Juzcar Temporary Smurfed blue

The whole project was intended as temporary. But it was such a success that the villagers kept their homes blue. Tourism started to develop and the villagers started organising Smurf events and trade fairs. People dressed up as Smurfs wandered around the streets. Their blue village became a money maker. They even started to promote Juzcar as the world’s only real Smurf town.

Dispute – The end of a Smurf era in Juzcar?

Unfortunately for the inhabitants of Juzcar, the family required them to stop promoting the town as a Smurf village. Therefore the Smurfs disappeared from the streets, but the colour remains.

Even though Juzcar is not an official Smurf village anymore, it’s still worth a visit. The blue homes stand out colorful against the green hills behind it. The scenery still gives plenty of oppurtunity to make some great pictures and the residents are welcoming as always.

Chefchaouen, Another blue Smurf colour village

Did you know that there is another beautiful Smurf like village? Have a look at the Moroccan village Chefchaouen. Chefchaouen might be one of the world’s most picturesque towns. Perfect for photographers!

Another Smurf like village, Chefchaoun in Morocco
Another Smurf like village, Chefchaoun in Morocco

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