Who hasn’t grown up with the smurfs series on television? The first smurfs episode aired on NBC at september 12, 1981. The smurfs series was produced by Hanna-Barbera productions together with Peyo: Pierre Culliford’s production company, and became one of the most succesful early morning TV series of all time in the United States.

The last episode of the smurfs series was sent out on december 2 1989. Unfortunately the creator, Pierre Culliford (Peyo), died way to early in 1992, but his family kept promoting his work under the brand name “Peyo”.

Later in this article you can see a lot of episodes of season 1 of the smurfs which are directly linked from the official smurf youtube site. 

Smurfs series characters

The most important characters in the smurfs series season 1 are: Papa smurf, Smurfette, Brainy, jokey, lazy, clumsy, dreamy, hefty, vanity, handy, poet, sloppy, farmer and painter and ofcourse Gargamel and Azraël.

At first the smurfs series didn’t have many characters. Over the years however, many characters where added. If you want to know more about the smurf characters during the first season please go to:

Smurf characters

Smurfs series cast

The smurfs series voice acting cast has changed over the years but these where the initial cast of the smurf TV- series:

Papa Smurf: Don Messick

Smurfette: Lucille Bliss

Brainy: Danny Goldman

Jokey: June Foray

Grouchy: Michael Bell

Hefty: Frank Welker

Handy: Michael Bell

Vanity: Alan Oppenheimer

Dreamy: Don Messick

Lazy: Michael Bell

Farmer: Alan Young

Gargamel: Paul Winchell

Azraël: Don Messick

Ofcourse many of these voice actors did multiple different smurfs. Don Messick did the voice acting of Papa smurf, dreamy and Azraël. Funny isn’t it? Who would have expected that?

Smurfs series music

The music of the smurfs series is mostly classical. The most used composers for the smurfs are:

  • Bach
  • Beethoven
  • Liszt
  • Mozart
  • Prokofiev
  • Korsakov
  • Schubert
  • Travinsky
  • Tchaikovsky

Smurfs series theme songs

The very first smurf intro in the UK looked like this:

Later on the introduction to the smurfs series was changed into:

And ofcourse many versions where made of the smurfs theme song for instance the Dutch version, which is my favorite even though many will not be able to understand the language:

Smurfs Series DVD’s

Between 2008 and 2014 the smurfs tv-series was produced on DVD and multiple DVD’s where produced over the years. The first DVD’s came out in the United States, the United Kingdom and later Germany.

Smurfs series season 1 episodes

Here follows a brief overview of the first season of the smurfs series. Some of the episodes will have a small summary without spoiling to much.

Episode 1 Astrosmurf

It is dreamy smurf’s birthday and he must do a wish before he blows out the candles of his smurfpie. He wishes that he was able to fly to the stars. That night he dreams about flying and he decides that he really want’s to fly. A bit later he creates his own kite and he uses it to fly. The bad weather destroys his kite and he falls down.

A while later dreamy wants to try it again. This time he builds a large spaceship. The question is ofcourse if he will succeed and that is something you have to smurf for yourself!

Episode 2a Jokey’s medicin

At the beginning Jokey smurf gives a big surprise to greedy smurf, lazy and smurfette. After smurfette’s big surprise she says: “Jokey smurf, one of these days you are going to get it!”. According to greedy smurf “he needs a good smurfing”.

While barbecueing late at night in the forrest. All of a sudden a scary monster with a pumpkin head appears. It really scares smurfette and greedy and even lazy wakes up out of his sleep. Whenever that happens you know something is going on… But the scary monster ends up to be Jokey smurf who was using a costume to scare them off.

Jokey even ends up blowing up the lab of papa smurf by letting lazy smurf sleepwalk with a piece of wood. It is all very smurfy!

After some other jokes they finally decide to take revenge on jokey smurf, who doesn’t think it’s funny. After a while they even get into real danger, however this time nobody believes Jokey any more. But what happens next you have to smurf for yourself!

Episode 2b Vanity fare

Gargamel makes a special mirror that is a portal to another dimension. He puts Azraël through it and it works. At the same time the smurfs are playing smurfball.  Greedy is watching while eating while the ball hits him and bounces into the goal. Vanity smurf is playing as the goalkeeper, but he is watching his mirror instead.

Gargamel sets a trap by placing his magical mirror close to a beautiful waterfall, where the smurfs are guaranteed to show up, because it is so beautiful. He gets into the mirror together with Azraël. Vanity just left the village and heads to the waterfall.

What happens next you have to smurf for yourself!

Episode 3 St. smurf and the dragon

The smurfs are gathering some eggs, which doesn’t seem to go as planned. Greedy is searching for his cake and he things clumsy has it, but clumsy only has a surprise package. At the same time Gargamel is convinced he is going to find the smurf village shortly. He steps on the tail of Azraël, but gets angry because he is making to much noice. Brainy smurf gets spotted by Gargamel and he runs to the village. Papa smurf decides to make the village invisible, but is he able to do this before Gargamel gets there?  You have to smurf this for yourself!

Episode 4a Sorcerersmurf

Greedy lazy and hefy smurf are searching for grouchy who seems to be lost in the woods. After a while hefty suggests that Gargamel must have them and they go to Gargamel’s home, but grouchy isn’t there.

After a while they smell a stinking smell. It smells like, like GARGAMEL!!! Well well i do believe that the little smurfs are soon to be smurfpie hahaha! says Gargamel. Hefty says: “come here i want to tell you a secret”. Gargamel, curious as ever comes closer and finds hefty’s fist on his nose. According to Gargamel that was a very serious mistake and he brings them into his kitchen. With a little bit of help from somebody you wouldn’t expect, the smurfs manage to survive.

After a while grouchy seems to be home with papa smurf. He isn’t feeling good. In the meantime Smurfette and harmony smurf find a magical golden book in the forest. It al seems to lead to a sorcerer smurf who lives at a place that is pretty far away. Ofcourse you never know what to expect and if you wan’t to know what happens from here you have to smurf it for yourself!

Episode 4b The magical meanie

Clumsy and Brainy are running from Azraël when they fal into the river. The current is to strong and it leads them to a waterfall. They wake up at the beach a little bit later and find a bottle. The bottle contains a ghost! And Brainy says he found it, but the ghost seems to disagree. The ghost “ginimini” found them instead! The ghost has 3 wishes to give, but first they need to guess the magic word.

In the mean time Gargamel just made his new smurf projector and he sees the smurfs with the ghost! He hears the smurfs speak about the magic word and the three wishes. But what happens next you have to smurf for yourself!

Episode 5 Bewitched, bothered and Be-smurfed

Hogatha the witch prepares for a nice night out. She flies on the back of her bird while a thunderstorm is going on. Ofcourse no self respecting witch would ever want to miss out on this! They fall down and Hogatha punishes her bird. It seems that she lost her locket.

In the meantime greedy’s stumach is hurting badly. He did eat a bit to much. Papa smurf’s potion fails to help him and Handy doesnt seem to fix the problem either. Smurfette finds Hogatha’s locket, while searching for nice flowers.

Hogatha needs the locket, because it is the source of all her powers as a witch. Will she be able to find it before her powers go away? Well at first she thinks Gargamel has it and what happens next you have to smurf for yourself!

Episode 6a King smurf

King smurf is one of my all time favorite episodes, because it teaches a beautiful history lesson about dictatorships. It all starts with papa smurf leaving the smurf village for a while and he promises to be back next day.

In the meantime the smurfs where supposed to fix the dam, which was slightly leaking. However brainy smurf has other ideas. He decides to commit a coup, a large takeover of power in the smurf village. He calls himself the “natural leader” and he manages to set up his own kingdom by letting other smurfs do things for him.

He gives them titles and medals, but in the end they are just following his orders without even thinking about the consequences. Brainy crowns himself “King smurf” and just after that a couple of smurfs had enough. After saving a fellow smurf from jail they flee from the village. And what happens next you have to smurf for yourself.

Episode 6b The smurfs and the howlibird

The smurfs are busy building their bridge. Brainy as always knows everything better. When he confronts lazy smurf that he shouldn’t be sleeping he gets hit (as always).

Papa smurf is working on a potion that makes plants grow faster. He changes a flower in a smurf eating plant. Papa smurf almost gets eaten alive. He decides that the potion should be thrown away in a desert where it doesn’t hurt anyone. Hefty and lazy go to throw it away, but they get a bit lazy and decide to throw it in a ravine. The potion falls on a nest of birds. What happens next you have to smurf for yourself!

Episode 7 Soup a la smurf

Brainy, greedy, hefty and clumsy are gathering food in the forest when they see something very big moving around. They promised papa smurf not to go to close to Gargamel, but they really want to know what that big  thing is that is moving towards Gargamel. It ends up being big mouth, a big fat guy who is very hungry!

Big mouth scares Gargamel and he tells that there may be some food for him. Big mouth still hungry! Big mouth needs more goodies! Gargamel suggests to prepare the best dish in the world: Soup a la smurf! But what happens next you have to smurf for yourself!

Episode 8a All that glitters isn’t smurf

Smurfette has a nightmare with Gargamel in it and she thinks Papa smurf may be losing his powers. So she better go and chek him out. Papa is bussy trying out a new spell that is supposed to let tomatoes grow extremely fast.

When Smurfette watches papa smurf blow up his own lab she is convinced that Papa smurf must be losing his powers! But he sends smurfette away because he has work to do.

In the meantime Gargamel finds himself a new spell that can help him turn smurfs into gold. He just needs to find 10 smurfs that together weight at least half a pound.

A while later papa smurfs walks towards the pumpkins at the farm. He speaks out a spell while using his potion on them: “on inside to outside i smurf my command each grow and divide and cover the land”.  What happens next you have to smurf for yourself!

Episode 8b Dreamy’s nightmare

It all starts when Dreamy smurf wishes for some more excitement and some more adventures. He doesn’t even play games with his fellow smurfs anymore.  Dreamy wants to make a trip around the world. His dream is big, bigger then himself! He tells Papa smurf, who actually dislikes it at first. Papa smurf supports Dreamy with a small magical wissle that will bring him back to the smurf village whenever he is in danger.

Ofcourse Dreamy get’s himself into danger, but if you want to know how exactly, you have to smurf that for yourself!

Episode 9 Romeo and Smurfette

It is the first day of the spring and Gargamel finds it discusting (as always). He has an idea of how to tackle his little smurf problem and he accidentally hurts his cat Azraël.

In the mean time the smurfs are enjoying the first day of spring and they are making beautiful things for smurfette. Big smurfette pies, paintings, statues, special smurfette smoke signals etc. Papa smurf calls it “springfever” and laughs.

But the smurfs take it very serious and start asking smurfette to marry them. Papa smurfs sends them away and tells smurfette to marry an older, more mature guy instead (talking about himself ofcourse). “And you ofcourse, will be known as mama smurf”, papa smurf adds.

In the meantime Gargamel has made a special plant with beautiful flowers that will help him to capture smurfs.

Will Gargamel end up capturing the smurfs? And who will smurfette marry? If you want to know you have to smurf it for yourself!

Episode 10a The Magic Egg

It is smurfday and as allways, grouchy smurf hates it! But what do smurfs do during smurfday? They enjoy themselves with the fireworks and good food. Papa smurf suggests that they should make a big smurfpie. Greedy adds: “why didn’t i think of that!”

So they make a smurfpie with flour, milk, honey (freshly stolen by clumsy) and eggs ofcourse. But they are out of eggs!

In the meantime Gargamel just made himself a special egg. If he touches it everything he says will come true!

Big mouth hits Gargamel’s door, because he is hungry. Very hungry! Bigmouth also loves the egg Gargamel made. It is still to hot, so he takes it with him. He loses the egg by accident and the smurfs find it while searching for an egg for their smurfpie.

Ofcourse the smurfs go crazy with the wishes they do. And ofcourse everything becomes true! Before you know it multiple papa smurfs are walking around because everybody wants to be like him. Papa smurf accidentally turns himself into a monkey.

If you want to know how this ends, you have to smurf it for yourself!

Episode 10b Smurphony in ‘C

Music is food for the soul according to brainy smurf. A little bit later papa smurf is conducting a smurphony in ‘C. Unfortunately he needs more smurfs with an instrument. He sends the smurfs out to make more instruments.

Unfortunately everybody is playing out of tune. Harmony smurf walks away because he calls it all unfair that they call him out of tune. Gargamel hears him play. He puts on a costume and calls himself a good fairy. Will harmony smurf believe him?

What will happen next you have to smurf for yourself!

Episode 11 Sideshow Smurfs

Smurfette and clumsy are walking through the forest gathering wood and flowers. Smurfette accidentally falls into a hole in the ground, because of clumsy. They can’t get out of the hole and start screaming. A while later a dog finds them and a human takes them with him as “pets”.

Smurfette does something very smart. She takes a bunch of flowers and throws small leaves of them on the ground to set a trail, so that other smurfs can find them.

When papa smurf and the others finally find the trail papa smurf tells them that it means they are smurfnapped!

What happens next you have to watch for yourself!

Episode 12a Supersmurf

Brainy smurf is ranting and gets hit because of it. He wants to be respected, but nobody does. He wants to find out a way to gain his fellow smurfs’ respect. Unfortunately he accidentally wakes up big mouth, who is sleeping in the forest. Big mouth wants to eat the entire winter supply of the smurf village!

Brainy smurf wants to help and he starts training his muscles, but he doesn’t get any results. He comes up with a solution: “papa smurfs’ magic book has a formula for making me strong!”

Brainy succeeds in making himself strong by magic. He wants to take back the food that big mouth has stolen. He even decides to wair a cape, which makes him look like a superhero and he calls himself supersmurf!

Papa finds the letter that brainy left behind for him. But what briany didn’t knows is that the formula only works for 2 hours!

What happens next you have to smurf for yourself!

Episode 12b Paradise Smurfed

Lazy smurf is a bit Lazy but he tells Papa smurf some excuses so he doesn’t have to work. Well, at least he thinks it would work, but Papa smurf actually get’s a bit angry and sends him to get some water. But ofcourse lazy doesn’t end up doing anything. While searching for woord he tries to sleep close to a waterfall. After a while there is somebody screaming from behind the waterfall. He meets cicero who introduces him to Bacchus. It is like a paradise. But what happens next you have to smurf for yourself!

Episode 13 Sir Hefty

It all starts with a fire dragon burning part of the forest. At the same time the smurfs are sitting at a campfire and poetic smurf reads a poem about a knight. Hefty would really love to be a smurf knight. “There would be no maiden i couldn’t rescue, no dragon i couldn’t slay” hefty says, just when the dragon reached their village. The smurfs immediately start putting out the fire with water, sand or harmony’s music.

After a while they finally saved their wooden bridge, but the smurf village is burning. They don’t manage to save the village and papa smurf finds out that  the village has footprints of a dragon. If only there was a knight to rescue the smurfs from that dragon.

Well, hefty wants to do it and he is abso smurfly serious! He puts on some steal armor and gets himself a sword. But what happens next you have to smurf for yourself!

Episode 14a The Fake Smurf

It al starts with Hogatha the witch, who is cooking a potion at her home. She lost one of her 9 lifes and she blames the smurfs for it. She is cooking a special potion to take revenge on the smurfs. She changes herself into a smurf, but she doesn’t have a tail, so she makes her own smurf tail.

Hogatha finds the smurfs village where she quickly get’s the name: snorty smurf, because of her snorting sounds. She plans on burning the smurfs village down.

But what happens next you have to smurf for yourself!

Episode 14b The Baby Smurf

Gargamel is making a potion to turn himself into something the smurfs can’t resist. Gargamel turns himself into a smurf baby. And smurfette finds him and bring him to the village.

Clumsy asks briany  where baby smurfs come from. And brainy tells him that “baby smurfs come from uh… That is certainly a rediculous question!”

Gargamel wants to change himself back into his own body, but he doesn’t succeed. The smurfs start spoiling him with all types of things like a swing, a pie and some love. But Gargamel can’t take it and starts losing his temper when Smurfette throws away his potion, because it looks like poison.

Gargamel has no other choice then trying to use papa smurfs lab to create a new potion to get his own body back. Will he succeed? Or will he find something even worse? If you want to find out you have to see it for yourself!

Episode 15 Painter and Poet

The smurfs are painting all houses in the village. But poet and painter want to make poetry and paintings instead. Papa smurf tells them to do something in the afternoon to show their masterpieces to all the smurfs.

Unfortunately both poet and painter smurf don’t feel appreciated by the others. They decide together to find some distant land where they can work on their masterpieces. They take one of the boats. Unfortunately painter start painting the river, while poet starts making poetry and they seem to neglect the boat itself.

A bit later a thunderstorm starts and they get in trouble. Will they find a way out? And what happens next? You have to find out for yourself!

Episode 16a Haunted Smurf

Clumsy  finds himself a lager amount of acorns and shows one of them to Papa smurf. “At the same time a squirrel knocks on his shoulder and asks the acorn back. Squirrels smurf for the winter to clumsy”, says papa smurf.

It snows and the smurfs have some fun with the snow. After a while the store house burns down and the food for the winter is gone. Poet smurfs decide to write “a ode to hunger” Papa smurf decides it is time for the smurfs to leave the village to search for food. The smurfs need to go somewhere else to spend their winter.

They find a castle and it seems haunted with ghosts. What happens next you should ofcourse smurf for yourself!

Episode 16b Purple Smurfs

Lazy gets bitten by a purple insect and changes purple and can’t say anything else then “knap knap” and bite others to turn them purple as well. Papa needs to find the cure before it is to late. But he forgot it! He doesn’t know what it was. Will he find the cure before everybody in the village is bitten and turned purple and diseased? Or will the smurfs go extinct?

But what happens next you have to smurf for yourself:

Episode 17 The Fountain of Smurf

The smurfs are picking smurfberries in their own funny way, when Gargamel turns up. The smurfs keep running until Gargamel get’s to tired and quits his pursuit. “If i where 10 years younger i could catch those little blue retches! ” Gargamel says. He falls down and hurts Azraël.

A little later papa smurf decides to share his own private supply of smurfberries with the res. After all sharing them with the others is much more fun!

The smurfs decide to do something nice back. Brainy smurf knows about a list of papa smurf’s favorite foods which they should make. Grouchy hates lists but loves papa smurf, so he decides to help.

Papa smurf’s favorite things are: 

  • A song
  • Poetry
  • Pretty pictures
  • Flowers
  • Fresh pork salad with cave mushrooms

So they go on a quest for cave mushrooms. They find a nice cave with a small stream of water in it. It seems to make a deer much younger after he drinks from it. It is a fountain of youth! But what happens next you have to watch for yourself!

Episode 18a The Magnifying Mixture

Farmer has a tough time watering his crops, because it is so hot that everything gets dried out. Brainy finds out the smurf berries are all gone and that is horrible because that means no smurf berry juice!

In the meantime papa smurf is working on his special potion to turn small things big, so that he can change small clouds into large clouds, which could help with their drought problem. But somethings goes wrong.

If you want to know what you have to smurf for yourself!

Episode 18b Foul Weather Smurf

It is raining and the smurfs don’t like it, because they wanted to have a nice picknick. Clumsy tries to keep the laundry of smurfette drie, but he makes a mistake. Handy decides to make a weather smurfing machine to control the weather. Nobody believes that he will be able to pull it off, but he actually succesfully smurfs a weathermachine that works.

He makes some sunshine for their picknick and papa smurf calls handy’s smurf “abso smurfly amazing!” But ofcourse farmer disagrees, because he wants to water his crops. What happens next you have to smurf for yourself!

Episode 19 The Hundredth Smurf

Vanity smurf breaks 2 of his mirrors in a single day. How unlucky can a smurf get! He runs to papa smurf who sensed something bad in the wind. The storm is getting worse. A rotten crab appel falls on papa’s head and that is a very bad sign!

Everything seems to go wrong. What is happening? Papa smurf looks in his books when the wind blows out the candle and throws over the book shelf. Papa reads in a book about what is happening:

In the 654th year of smurf an unusual eclipse of the moon will bring great misfortune and 100 years of bad luck. In order to overcome this a dance of 100 smurfs need to be performed.

Papa smurf has his hands in his hair, because it might not be possible to do that. He immediately starts counting his smurfs to see if he has enough smurfs. And maybe clumsy and lazy will not be able to dance. There are only 99 smurfs in total!

Papa smurf needs to find a 100th smurf. Will he be able to do that and how? Watch it for yourself!

Episode 20a The Abominable Snowbeast

The smurfs are working on the dam. Brainy hands over the toolbox to clumsy and together they make a mistake and papa smurf hurts his foot badly. He needs his snowflower pollen to reduce the swelling. Clumsy and brainy go to papa smurf’s home to find the pollen and they spoil it in a very clumsy way. Now they need to find the snowflower pollen high in the mountains. There is only one and it only blooms once a year, which happens to be now.

They go on an expedition to the mountains, but that isn’t without danger. If you want to know what happens next, you have to smurf it for yourself!

Episode 20b Gargamel, the Generous

It al starts with clumsy being clumsy and then blaming other smurfs that they aren’t working. As usual papa smurf is the one solving things and he asks clumsy to go and find some rocks. Clumsy finds a large amount of diamonds inside a cave.

He takes them with him but drops some of them by mistake. Those are found by Gargamel, who want’s to find more to get rich. But to find more diamonds, Gargamel does something very strange. He get’s really friendly to the smurfs. And what happens next you have to smurf for yourself:

Episode 21 Smurfette

Gargamel is brainstorming what to do about the smurfs. He decides that nothing will devide them more then a smurfette, Only one smurfette on close to 100 smurfs must be a disaster because it causes jealousy.

Gargamel makes smurfette out of a clump of blue clay and a magical spell. She is beautiful but very evil and she has black hair. She gets found in the forest by hefty smurf ands starts flirting with him. He brings her to the smurf village, where she is accepted as a new member of the group. She uses her small mirror to connect with Gargamel and follow his orders.

The first order of Gargamel is to capture their smurf hearts. But somehow by chance it doesn’t seem to work out. She feels lonely when nobody is showing up to her picknick party. Well, except jokey, but his surprise isn’t of Smurfette’s taste.

Smurfette makes an evil plan. She is going to flood the entire smurf village by opening up the dam. She succeeds in doing so, but also falls into the water and needs to be saved. Ofcourse the smurfs will save them. But what happens after that you need to smurf for yourself!

Episode 22a Spelunking Smurfs

It is very hot weather and there is a lack of food because all crops are gone. All smurfs are trying to find food in the forest but they aren’t very succesful. Vanity states that starving makes his cheekbones look better, but clumsy reminds him of his ribs being visible. A friendly squirrel kindly gives them an acorn to help them out. A moment later vanity and clumsy find a cave with a large shiny diamond in it and more importantly a lot of tasty food! What happens next you have to smurf for yourself!

Episode 22b Now You Smurf ‘Em, Now You Don’t

Handy, smurfette and greedy are playing smurfball together while picknicking. The ball gets lost wen greedy tries to eat while smurfballing. Handy goes to get it back and finds a mysterious glowing white ball that seems magical. It shows your inner desires. After a while a smurf disappears after touching it. What happens next you have to smurf for yourself:

Episode 23a The Smurf’s Apprentice

Greedy is making his pie and clumsy is stumbling over a rake. Things are quite normal in the smurf village. Whatever clumsy does he has the feeling he isn’t loved anymore, so he decides to become a wizard like Papa smurf, because he is loved.

He goes to Papa smurf and asks him if he can become his assistent, but he gets refused by Papa: “i allready have an assistent clumsy and brainy is more then enough”. So clumsy decides to teach himself magic, while Papa is still in the forest.

He manages to go in Papa’s home by using the chimney, but ofcourse Papa smurf is allready there before Clumsy can do anything. After getting cought trying to do a magic spell he decides to go to Gargamel instead. A book falls down on him and he is stuck when he get’s cought by Gargamel. Clumsy manages to escape with a page with a magic spell on it. What happens next you have to find out for yourself!

Episode 23b Smurf-Colored Glasses

There is a thunderstorm and Gargamel is standing on top of a mountain casting a spell on the smurfs.

At the same time Papa smurf tells the smurfs it is exactly a year ago that Smurfette became one of them and that this will now be called Smurfette day. The smurfs love Smurfette a lot and all try to please her.

Jokey, Greedy and Papa smurf give her presents and surprises. Handy smurf wants her to love him he makes pink glasses that should make him look more handsome when Smurfette is wearing them. It doesn’t seem to work, but he finds himself a rainbow, because those are magical.

He uses the magic of the rainbow to cast a spell on the pink glasses. He gives them to Smurfette and she imediately starts falling in love with everybody. Possibly even Gargamel! What happens next, you have to smurf for yourself!

Episode 24 The Clockwork Smurf

The smurfs are working very hard on the farm. Handy smurf invites them to go to swim. The weeds are driving Farmer smurf smurfy, so no he doesn’t have time. Then he asks Jokey, but he needs to chop firewood and that is no joke! And ofcourse he asks Greedy but he refuses as well.

Handy says: “if only there was a faster way for us to get our work done. Wait i will invent a way!” So Handy starts by making his new invention: “a clockwork smurf” . It can do all type of tasks all other smurfs can do as well. It works greatly and the smurfs are convinced. Clockwork smurf can even give water to the plants and give Papa smurf a massage!

But all of a sudden something goes wrong when a smurf tries to find how it works and damages the clockwork smurf in the proces. It starts malfunctioning. It starts to paint everything and throw cakes at everyone. What happens next you have to smurf for yourself!

Episode 25a Fuzzle Trouble

Gargamel is creating a potion that he can use to find the smurfs. In the meantime clumsy smurf finds a Fuzzle, a small pink funny looking creature. According to papa smurf fuzzles are big trouble. But clumsy doesn’t listens and brings it back to the smurf village, because it looks so cute. He feeds the fuzzle and after that you understand why they are so dangerous. After a while both the fuzzles and Gargamel put the smurf village in danger. But how it goes you have to smurf for yourself:

Episode 25b Smurfette’s Dancing Shoes

Episode 26 The Smurfs and the Money Tree

Gargamel’s mother brings her son gargamel a visit. She is very unfriendly to him and she says that she has a way to attack the smurfs by making them greedy over something. She invents a money tree by using a spell.

The tree contains money which tastes so good that it will make the smurfs very greedy over it to the extend that they will start fighting over it. But what really happens you have to smurf for yourself:

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