What is a smurf?

A smurf is a small blue creature who has very specific personalities. For instance Papa smurf behaves like a papa and jokey smurf makes jokes all day long. The smurfs live and work together inside a communist colony. They are good creatures by definition, however they can do evil, because of their naivety or stupidity. Often when a smurf tries to do something good, it can end up very badly.

Are smurfs real?

It is impossible to know for sure if smurfs are real or not, because there is a magical spell that makes the smurf village invisible to the human eye. As a consequence the excistence of the smurfs can not be proven or disproven. Unfortunately most adults do not believe in them, because they don’t want to make a fool out of themselves. Most kids on the other hand, know better then that!

How many smurfs are there?

There are more then a hundred smurfs and sometimes smurfs get renamed for a short time. For instance “brainy smurf” gets named “king smurf” for just one episode, inwhich he plays the king of the smurfs village while papa smurf is gone. It is also hard to tell how many more smurfs can be created over time, as it is quite easy to find a new one. Come up with a specific word and there is a smurf character for it.

How tall is a smurf?

A smurf is at most 3 apples tall. However in the movie they are only 7,5 inches tall. Some are shorter then others, because they are just children or babies even. For instance baby smurf or a slightly older child named sassette. They are estimated to be way smaller then 3 apples.


How much do smurfs weigh?

Smurfs weigh about one ounce each, or 28,3 grams. It is very well possible however that greedy and hefty are a bit heavier and besides that there are also children and even a baby smurf, who weighs much less. Gargamel actually weighs the smurfs because he want’s to know if he has enough to make gold out of them. The recipe shows that he needs half a pound or about 10 smurfs. He weighs 3 smurfs and they weigh about 1 ounce each or 3 ounces total:


How old do smurfs get?

Papa smurf is one of the oldest and wisest and he is not considered old at all. He isn’t considered young either. So let’s asume he is of middle age. Middle age for smurfs is considered to be around 542 years old. If you want to know for sure you can watch the video below and have smurfette answer the question for us:


Why are smurfs blue?

There are multiple theories why smurfs are blue. Some people believe they are blue because they have a lack of blood or their blood is blue instead of red, or because evolution made them like that. Besides this there is the idea that smurfs don’t really need evolution, they simply are the way they are. 

The fact is that they can evolve into anything they want, simply because of papa smurfs magic spells. For instance smurfette wasn’t a real smurf until she was changed into one by a magical spell used by papa. It is therefore very well possible that papa smurf knows ways to change the color and apearance of a smurf.

Smurfs don’t have to be blue according to a wizard called Hogatha. Simply by rubbing the face for a long time each smurf can lose its blue color.

What do smurfs eat?

Smurfs are omnivores and can eat anything they want both meat and plants. Farm smurf creates a lot of different foods and greedy makes whatever he wants including meatdishes and pies. Besides that the forest has many types of foods to offer for instance smurf berries.

Some examples of smurf foods are: bread, mellons, hotdogs, smurf pie, lollypops, chicken legs and many more things.

If you want to know what smurfs eat who better to ask then Greedy smurf himself?


How are smurfs born?

Smurfs don’t seem to reproduce themselves. Or it only happens slowly. Smurfs are largely born as a male, however females can be created by the magical spells of papa smurf. There are some smurf children in later seasons though and there is also a baby smurf even tough one baby on more then a hundred smurfs isn’t that much. It seems that they have a very slow rate of reproduction. Smurfs do get babies though, because there is a babysmurf. They  don’t lay eggs like birds do.

Where do smurfs come from?

The smurfs live in smurfland far away from humans, who they try to avoid as much as they can. They are magical creatures and papa smurf can turn everyone into a smurf, which he did with smurfette. Even hogatha the witch was able to turn herself into a small blue smurf to infiltrate the smurf village without being noticed by anyone. She lacks a smurf tail though and had to make one.

Smurfs live in the smurf village.

smurfs village

The smurfs live in their village made out of mushrooms. They live close to a river with a dam, which they have to keep in good order to protect the village. There are multiple bridges made of wood and even a rope bridge. They also live close to their farmland, which is their major source of food.

How do smurf houses look like?

Smurf home

Smurf houses are like normal mushrooms, which make it really hard for humans to find the village. The houses are a bit sober, just with a bed and a table with a chair. In the case of king smurf, a pretty large palace was build by handy smurf. For the rest of it the smurfs don’t need a lot to be happy. They are minimalists and communists and they share a lot with eachother.

What is the history of the smurfs?

The smurfs in the television show live “long long ago”. During those times, that resemble the middle ages, the humans fought as knights with swords on horses or as bowmen. Besides that there are many wizards and some of them can do spells that make you travel through time. Sometimes you can travel in time during a blue moon, which hapens in the first 3d rendered smurf movie.

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Who is the evil vilain in the smurfs?

Gargamel is the evil vilain in the smurfs. He is a wizard with many different spells and potions. He hates the smurfs and tries to capture or kill them even if it is the last thing he will ever do. He lives in a stone house with a large tower and a chimney. Gargamel isn’t as evil as you may think. He loves his cat, Azraël so much that he will risk everything to safe him.


Do smurfs fight wars?

Yes smurfs fight wars, but usually only to protect themselves. There is a historical moment, inwhich Brainy smurfs takes over power in the smurf village. He crowns himself king and soon a war starts against the smurfs who don’t agree with his policies. The war ends almost immediately after papa smurf gets home.

Papa smurf can be a true general of the troops sometimes. He and his beloved smurfs always finds a way to free and protect themselves and their allies against evil witches and wizards as well as evil creatures. If you really want to know how smurfs fight wars you have to smurf for yourself:



What does “the meaning of smurf” actually mean in smurfish?

The word “smurf” can be translated with a very large amount of different words. This means that “the meaning of smurf”, could also mean the “meaning of life” instead of the meaning of the word “smurf”. This is actually a big debate under smurf scholars, because nobody knows for a fact what the meaning of smurf is! Apart from, ofcourse, living together, eating and drinking and some adventures!

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